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Madagascar Centella

Low pH Cleanser

Advaned cleansing power removes 92.69% of fine dust

A multi-purpose moisturiser


Gently remove dead skin cells & reveal brighter, smoother skin


Blue Serum

A highly hydrating serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Centella Asiatica

Nacific Origin Red

Salicylic Acid Toner

Hypoallergenic, Non Comedogenic & suitable for acne prone skin type
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Aiming for continuous research and development of cosmetics, Nacific is always striving to make products that can provide comfort and relaxation to the skin with healthy ingredients obtained through nature.


Award-winning hypoallergenic & natural skincare brand from Korea with as its main ingredient, CENTELLA ASIATICA, originating from the untouched nature of MADAGASCAR, is one of the world's finest Centella.

  • Hyalu-Cica Line

    SKIN1004 exclusively uses Centella Asiatica of Madagascar to produce ‘HYALU-CICA Line’ believing good ingredient begins with good land.

    HYALU-CICA Line is a collection of moisturizing cosmetics with SKIN1004's specialized Hyalu-Cica Formula, the golden ratio of hyaluronic acid for moisturization and cica for calming of the skin to swiftly relieve dryness of the skin.

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  • Centella Line

    SKIN1004 believes that ingredients for a high-quality cosmetic originate from rich soil. Based on this loyal faith, SKIN1004 only adheres to Centella Asiatica in Madagascar to come up with "Centella Line."

    SKIN1004 take only the pure ingredients from nature and leave out harmful materials.

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  • Tone Brightening Line

    Believing quality cosmetics are completed by quality ingredients, SKIN1004 is persistent in using Madagascar's own Centella for our 'Tone Brightening Line' products.

    The Tone Brightening Line reduces irritation and cares for cleaner through Centella Asiatica and brightens the skin through patented Madecassoside's effects.

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  • SKIN1004 #Madagascar

    Madagascar is known to be the very first location where Centella Asiatica was found. Natives in Madagascar have used it to protect skin and to heal wounds for a long time. It's now being widely used with combination of modern technology as priceless pharmaceutical asset. Centella Asiatica that SKIN1004 use are cultivated in 17 different areas under optimal environment and hygienic control system. They grow in areas with an average temperature between 73.4F ~ 80.6F and with an altitude above 2,296 ft. Experience the pure nature of Centella Asiatica, a leaf of life from Madagascar.

    Discover the untouched nature
SKIN1004 #Madagascar